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    Friday, 9 February 2018

    4 Sure Lucrative Online Businesses You Can Start In 2018

    If you’re still skeptical about the reliability of online businesses, you need to wake up from your illusion.
    While the nation slid into a quagmire of unemployment as more people were laid off by companies, earning money online became the succor of many Nigerians
    These are he 4 lucrative business you should dive in as soon as possible:-

    1. Mini-importation
    Mini importation has transformed many job seekers into entrepreneurs. Even those with jobs are in the business because it’s not time consuming.
    You can order and import goods right from the comfort of your home on your internet-enabled device.
    All you need do is look for items that are needed in the local market and import them from China. If you like this business, you can anticipate my post on how you can start the business.

    2. Blogging
    While many believe that blogging is a saturated business, it’s really not! Blogging remains a lucrative business as you can earn from adsense, adverts, affiliate marketing and things you sell on your blog.
    The problem with blogging in Nigeria is that everyone is trying to succeed in crowded niches such as entertainment/celebrity niche.
    There are other niches with few bloggers which you can delve into. We will discuss this in details in my subsequent posts.

    3. Freelancing
    This list cannot be complete without freelancing. Many youths are into freelancing and are making it big time! What is the secret of succeeding in freelancing? You need to have a skill.
    But to earn money online in 2018, you need to learn new skills aside writing because the supply is greater than population, thereby making competition difficult.
    Once you have skills that are in demand, you will start earning steady income online.
    If you don’t have any idea about skills that are most lucrative, you need to watch out for my post where I will make a detailed list about them.

    4. Affiliate marketing
    In affiliate marketing, you earn commissions by referring people to buy certain products. You can be an affiliate marketer with several companies.
    In Nigeria, you can become an affiliate marketer with Jumia and Konga or you can turn to Amazon and ClickBank if you want to deal with international e-commerce websites.
    Affiliate marketing is a lucrative online business, but like every other business, you need to first learn about it.
    I will do my best to provide as much information as you need to successfully begin in my future posts.
    Source:- NigeriaOnlineBusiness

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