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    Friday, 9 February 2018

    Aweni from Captain tee

    Aweni IV

    Your love is like a mirage in the mind
    Like an imaginary line drawn on the earthly seas of emotions
    Your love is like a cloudy sky which brought forth rain of blessings
    Your love is like a drop of dew on the grass which urges the slated foggy in my every morning

    There were mute landscapes in my dreams but your love reflected in me like the morning sun and it ignited the life in my death

    Should I compare your love to shenzhen nongke orchid who by storm shook away the floral world with its esteemed beauty
    Or your beauty to the dazzling rose flower valued by the world's greatest men?
    Even if i do
    Your love has no comparison

    It's in your eye that my soul found love
    It's in your kiss that my body found warmth
    It's in your lingering embrace that my heart found solace

    Your love gives me happiness like the cheers of a bird and your care stairs and make bubble the life in me

    Aweni,hold me close forever
    Love me still like Nigerians little kids loves fanta
    Coz I am but lost in the streams of your love
    I am lost in the flowers springing forth from the garden of your heart


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