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    Monday, 12 February 2018

    South African Student Missed The Russian Plane Which Crashed With No Survivor

    South African student, Sedii missed the Russian plane
    which crashed with no survivor
    A South African student schooling in Russia @Sedii_K,
    missed the Plane which Crashed in Russia on Sunday,
    leaving no survivor
    The South African student who missed her flight wrote
    earlier on Instagram;
    Missed my flight, and it’s the first time , my chest, my
    wallet, January part 2 clearly for this month. Lol and
    I’m supposed to start school tomorrow, tota will I have
    transport money.
    Ke gre Ima miss my connecting flight too
    However after the plane crash occurred, she wrote;
    I was so upset in the morning, but I didn’t know I was
    being protected. No matter what happens, trust that
    God allows certain things to happen for certain
    reasons. Got so many calls today, people worried only
    to find out plane crashed, 71 dead and no survivors.
    A plane crashed in the outskirts of Moscow after taking
    off from the capital’s Domodedovo airport and it
    reportedly had no survivor.
    According to Russian news agencies The Antonov
    An-148 plane operated by the domestic Saratov Airlines
    was flying to Orsk, a city in the Urals, with 65
    passengers and 6 crew members, but crashed in the
    Ramensky district outside Moscow.

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