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    Thursday, 15 February 2018

    Things you need to know about ANRP(Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party)

    To all our new entrants,

    Please feel welcome on board as we chart the course of a new Nigeria.

    Nation building for a long time now has been left in the hands of some few but making a mess of it.

    As a new political party - ANRP, we got tired of complaining hence we came together to form a new party,first of its kind on Facebook until recently when INEC issued to us our certificate after a year of registration.

    Here,we believe everyone should be a part of nation building regardless of the race,age and profession - inclusive governance.

    Those who crashed the nation cannot again claim responsibility towards rebuilding it hence we came on board. Our message isn't only hope filled but pragmatic enough for all to fill all empty spaces until we see our desired nation given birth too.

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