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    Friday, 2 March 2018

    Dead Love

    Eyes fixed at the skull,
    Decision enshrined at my feet neglecting pains
    Buttered by the cave,
    without a Savior 
    Are all my gains.

    Tormented by a bright darkness,
    Persecuted by the sight of red water,
    Unknowingly appreciating his dry haemoglobin 
    Decision to be chased 
    And to cherish the skull.

    He died that I might breath,
    Contending with my demons,
    Gushing ,
    Mother earth 
    Reigning curses.

    Betraying my thoughts 
    Bringing dearth,
    For death.
    I had tears.

    Light is on,
    Life is sealed
    The monster is defeated 
    Am dead to love.

    Red rose turned grey 
    Gratitude to tears shed 
    The rose
    For the skull,
    In exchange for my freedom 
    And I'm left with boredom.

    Will rather fast with my tears
    Than go in search of food,
    Leaving my poor skull
    To be tended to by Mr spider.

    Take not me,
    As thy companion.

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    ¶Oluwapelumi Grillo

    Oluwapelumi Grillo is a lover of the pen, a student of Lagos state university, hours from been a barrister.. To her poetry imitate life and see the good side in people. A writer, poet, feminist and also deals with articles and script writing. Anticipate her first novel coal.

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