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    Monday, 21 May 2018


    LOVE is a beautiful thing. We all want to be loved and be around those we love. Sometimes in our journey of love, death comes and steal our loved ones away. The vacuum they leave is just too difficult to be filled by another. For some persons, the room created by death remains empty forever. The undisputable truth is, death is inevitable. Death should not scare us. We should rather prepare for the inevitable by putting our families in order, so that the bond of love continues when we pass on to glory. One sure way of doing this is leaving a love legacy by making a Will .
    Yes! Making a Will is a Legacy of love that will forever be appreciated by those we are leaving behind. What is a Will?
    Simply, a Will is a sum total of what a deceased person wants to happen upon his death. It is a medium through which the dead can speak to the living. It is a means that allows a person to dictate how his properties, whether real or personal or his interest in any form should be dealt with after his demise. A person makes a will while he is alive and he does this voluntarily. ASIKA V. ATUNAYA(2008) ALL FWLR,part 443, p. 1293 at 1317
    Making a Will, leads us to the path where ;
    1. The Testator(the person making the will) can appoint executors( people that would carry out the instruction of the deceased person) of his own choice.
    2. The Testator can appoint guardians for any beneficiary that is still an infant.
    3. The Testator can give his property to whom he wills and how he wills.
    4. It foster peace among the beneficiaries, since every body knows what he gets .
    5. It saves time and money. Where there is no Will, family members would have to apply for letters of administration. Also situation like this might lead to protracted litigations.

    The interesting thing is you darrangementon’t have to wait till you are as old as Methuselah , or as rich as Bill Gates, Dangote or Davido before you make a will. In some jurisdictions ,the legal age by which a person can make a will is twenty-one while in others is eighteen. Give your family a better Assurance by making a Will and when you are gone, you are sure to receive Accolades from them.

    Thanks for reading through… our next article would be focused on what happens where there is no Will.

    This article is just for educational purposes. This article, does not create a client / Attorney relationship. We therefore advise you to seek professional assistance for any specific issues. However, your comments, questions, criticisms, suggestions, new ideas are highly welcomed.

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