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    Sunday, 20 May 2018

    JSS1 student allegedly writes love letter to his teacher

    - The pretty teacher got a love letter from a student of hers who confessed to going gaga over how beautiful he finds her
    - Chioma is a single teacher who resides in Nnewi, Anambra Love or lust, a young secondary school boy recently opened his heart up to his teacher damning all consequences.

    The teacher identified as Chioma Jane made her friends and followers have a good life when she shared the love letter she got from her young admirer. Chioma who teaches at a secondary school in Nnewi, Anambra, closed for the day and was clearing her desk when she found the boldly written letter in which the student expressed his love for her and how beautiful he finds her.

    The surprised teacher shared the letter on social media making her friends and followers have a good life over how bold her student is.

    The letter read: "Aunty Chioma, These might sounds strange to you but I mean every word from the first time I saw you in school, it was if my brain cell stopped working. Each time I see you it will be as if smoke is coming out of my eyes. Your beauty is killing me seriously, although am still in secondary school, I have plans on becoming a rich man. I know you will say I'm a small boy, but let me tell you when you are in love, age does not matter. I am becoming very useless all because I keep thinking about you each time I close my eyes, I see your picture. Please consider my request and make me useful for once.

    Yours in love,
    "Pin code."

    - Source: Naij

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