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    Saturday, 20 October 2018

    Life After Nysc !!!!!

    There are times "NO joor" will be my answer if asked to enroll for N.Y.S.C immediately I graduated from the University.

    As the saying goes; 'God works in mysterious ways'… My story is one of those “mysterious” ones he worked on.

    For every delay you go through in life, you are not being denied of your desire. You are just being reserved for the best that will dazzle all your mockers.

    I would try to make my story as quick as possible………

    I graduated from the University of Benin in the year 2014,November to be precise. I “graduated”, but yet had a spill due to a misplaced result from my 200level.

    I felt devastated and heartbroken seeing my course mates going for the mandatory one-year N.Y.S.C program.

    Those were really trying times, as I literarily felt the pressure from friends and family asking why I was not going for the program.

    Those recurrent questions felt like fangs that always sucked the blood out of my sanity whenever it was sung.

    I managed to put myself together and re-sit for the course I failed.

    Always having to put a call through to those “sadistic” lecturers who were only out for your downfall was like pouring hot oil on a freshly exposed wound. It was least to say depressing.

    Looking back at it now, having to do all that ass-licking just to merit some petty favors from them really broadened my perspective of life, which is: two set of people run this world; those with money, & those with power. If you aint got the money, get the power!

    After the result was out, and having passed that course, I realized there was still a 300l course that I was ignorant of failing. This made it a total of 2 spills in the space of two years. It was as literal as rubbing salt on injury,
    I wept.

    Seeing my mates rounding up the compulsory one year NYSC scheme and me yet to get my results right, shattered my sanity. I groped in my pain, not knowing who to open up to.

    My parents were the more insistent with their constant pressure as to why I haven’t enrolled for the service. Several suspicions where raised, and the scenario was the more damaging.

    To worsen matters, the girl I dated all through my university days plus the extra year (making a total of 5 years) left me due to this issue. She said I wasn’t serious with life.

    I went bananas, bunkers, and my ego bashed.
    My prayers were always that of inquiries; “God why”? That was all my faith was able to muster to ask him, but it was grace that kept me. He was sufficient.

    After exactly 2 years and 4 months I was cleared, and finally issued my statement of result. I was also able to kick start the registration process for NYSC.

    God stepped in….

    Remember the bible verse that says when God turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dreamed… well that was my case… it happened so fast, it was like a dream…

    The registration for the state of deployment started, but unfortunately my lot fell on northern states which wasn’t my desire. I was depressed and sought for several solutions, but all seemed futile.

    I never knew God was working behind the curtains, arranging the lines to fall in place for my favor.

    Fast-forward to when we were to print our call-up letter. I was dumbfounded to see my name among the Lagos corpers. Without paying a dime, I got it on a platter of Gold… See Jesus!

    Let me summarize quickly...

    I got into camp and got strange favors. Everything connected well, saw high school senior colleagues that worked with the system and were eager to help me out without asking. Collected my documents and assisted in posting me to one of the top places to do your PPA (Place of Primary Assignment) in Lagos state.

    I joined the Nigerian Red Cross special CDS group and immediately became a force to be reckoned with.

    Got to meet and attend to the State Coordinator in the process. Met people who later turned trustworthy and reputable friends; building blocks in my carrier and relationship. I also Got financial favors from everywhere without asking for a dime. So much happened to put into writing that if narrated will be visible to the blind and audible to the deaf that Gods time is the best!

    Leaving camp, I also was elected President of my CDS group (Red Cross). Which exposed me to inherent talents I never knew I possesd, and also taught me alot on human behavior and managing emotions.

    Talking about emotions, remember the ex that left me due to her conclusion of “me being not serious”? Well I got a far better lover. She met all my requirements in a lady, and toppled it as icy on a cake. I still thank God for the opportunity given me to be hers.

    Summary will not fail me to mention of the international connections he placed on my lap on a platter of gold. I didn’t beg for it, I didn’t pray for it, it just came free of charge.

    To whoever is reading this and is going through one delay or another, my story is a testament that delay isn’t denial.

    My dear, be patient and trust the process of waiting.

    Patience isn’t an easy virtue, but it is the best amongst others if you possess it. It shields youfrom the hate and mockers.

    My final admonition to you is; hold on a little longer.

    The darkest part of the night, is an indication of the break of dawn!

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