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    Thursday, 18 October 2018

    My Experience In NYSC Orientation Camp, Iyana Ipaja, Lagos State - NYSC -

    Hi everyone,
    This is me taking out time to share my experience in nysc orientation camp, Iyana ipaja, Lagos state between July 24th to August 13th, 2018. I may go a bit and relate my out of camp experience too as a corper but let's see how the 21 days own goes fez. I am an avid reader of stories and experiences here on nairaland and decided why not? Since Lagos camp is rarely talked about here. Thanks to everyone who made camp fun and interesting for me. And to you reading this, buckle up amigo. It's going to be half a decent read for you .
    I almost forgot, I'm nonye and a 2018 batch B stream I corper, was supposed to be in the batch A but my school sha. I Graduated from Akwa Ibom State University, a fairly new institution from the department of chemical and petrochemical engineering with a pretty looking 2:1 lol.
    P.s: I'm good at talking too much much so expect a long but interesting reading. And sometimes my Englishes or punctuations maybe wrong, forgive me, I can't afford a proof reader with 19,800 so we're stuck in this together

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