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    Monday, 19 November 2018

    10 reasons why ladies can’t get enough of doggy position

    Variety is the spice of life, I know it sounds cheesy, I wrote it already before I read it, let’s just move right ahead. One of the most fun things about sex is the numerous positions in which sex can be enjoyed.

    It’s like ice cream, there are all sorts of flavour that anyone can eventually find the one they enjoy. They even have alcoholic flavored ice cream, not a new invention, I’m just shocked.

    Men and women don’t always agree on many things but there is one thing that they agree on, the doggy sex position is about the most popular sex position » between men and women. For posterity sake, men will have sex in all sorts of way if allowed, women however are quite picky about sex positions.

    Doggy positions is unique and favoured by both sexes, it’s the finisher of sex positions. By finisher, I mean it is the position where you both hope the sex ends with orgasm. Here are 10 reasons women gave for preferring doggy position to other positions.

    1. Digging Deep
    The way the body is positioned during doggy position makes it the thrusts very intense and the penetration deeper. Ladies confirm this is great!

    *2. Spanking and pulling
    Easily one of the most convenient positions where ass spanking can happen, if she is into hair pulling then you’re in some fantastic luck because doggy » has got you covered.

    3. Easy to start
    No extra skill required, the position guarantees bullseye target. It’s hard to miss, and if you miss it, you may be pointing at the anal canal, depending on the partner, it may not be the wrong hole.

    4. It can be rough
    Some ladies love rough sex, how else can they get all of that hard pounding, doggy positions comes to the mind first. Doggy gives the freak in her the chance to go wild.

    5. Looks naughty
    The doggy position looks kind of naughty, the lady on her knees and arms, ass up in the air. You have to admit, that looks hot. The sight is a joy to see.

    6. Chances of the G-Spot getting stimulated
    If you under the female anatomy well, you’ll know that the elusive G-spot is in front of her vagina and a lot of penises are either straight or slightly curved and mostly downward. During doggy however, all of this seems to be in balance because there is the chance that the dick can rub against it, which is fantastic.

    7. It looks animalistic
    The chances that the sex can get fierce is very high during doggy position, this is so much passion, and some women are really into this, as he is ramming hard into her from behind.

    8. Makes her feel like a porn star
    How many people have ever felt like a porn star when having sex, let’s see a show of hands. This position allows the woman feel like she’s in a porn movie which can be a turn on.

    9. Everyone is doing something
    Unlike a sex position like woman on top » where the guy is doing less. With doggy, while the guy is thrusting behind, she can also meet him mid stroke, and she can rub her clitoris just underneath her while he can also reach around to stimulate her breasts. See, everyone is busy.

    10. Great cushion if she’s got a big ass
    Here is the reason why guys love doggy, the cushion effect of her ass while her thrusts into her especially through the fast strokes. Guess who also enjoys the soft bump, your lady! She loves it as well, the feel of your thighs hitting her ass.

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