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    Saturday, 17 November 2018

    Caterpillar Accident Hits Agulu, Anambra State - Pictures -

    Strange things of ember month.
    I have heard about car and truck break failure but not of caterpillar.
    This happened along Golden Tulip Hotels road Agulu by Agulu Lake, a caterpillar which lost control on descend of the hill firstly knocked down a motorcycle before shattering a gulf with two persons onboard.

    An eyewitness said that the driver of the gulf on seeing the situation of the caterpillar tried to sway through but ran into a gutter which was where the caterpillar tried to use them as wedge but somersaulted after crushing it.
    What marveled everyone who stopped by was how these guys all came out unharmed in spite of the total wreckage of the vehicle including the motorcyclist.
    Truly, God is still working....
    We may be good drivers but it takes the grace of God to guard and navigate us through... May God help us that we may not be victims of The Festive season.

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