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    Sunday, 18 November 2018

    Graduate Slumps & Dies Shortly After Collecting NYSC Call-Up Letter

    A Prospective Corps member slumps, hits head on stone and dies shortly after collecting call-up letter
    A 2017 graduate of the Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University formerly Anambra State University, died on Friday, while running around trying to round up clearance in preparation to go to Ebonyi state on Saturday, where he was posted for his mandatory one year National youth Service program.

    An eyewitness, narrated how a bus driver refused to take the young man to the hospital because he had more important business to attend to.

    According to an eyewitness "It was about 9am today, my executives and I were coming back from the chapel but something attracted us at geology department. I don’t know the boy , I don’t know his past medical history but I saw a young guy holding a brown envelope indicating he was doing his clearance.

    The very few observers at the scene before we got there said he was running along the geology/picture stand road indicating he was battling with whatever must be wrong with him .

    He slumped and hit his neck on the stone at the flower bed of geology dept building. When we got there the women who sweep the school compound gathered and were praying telling us not to touch him.
    Initially we thought it was convulsion but I couldn’t tell. I insisted we took medical action.

    Swags ran to medical unit but it was locked . (With reasons a convocation lecture was on at igbariam campus).One girl who said was a masters student ran with me to beg a bus passing by inside school to help us take him to the hospital but the man bluntly refused saying he has business to attend to.He was heading towards GSS.

    Seeing this we ran to bank road because as usual cars would always be there. The first hilux we saw we blocked the hilux begging the two men in it.

    They accepted and carried us to the scene. saliva was still dripping off this guys mouth which made everyone fink it’s epilepsy. When we got him into the car laying him at the back with my president Nibo Okezie and one other observer who was there before then with me at the front sit we took off .

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