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    Saturday, 17 November 2018

    Should husbands pay their housewives salaries?

    Being a housewife is not easy as it involves taking care of the home and doing a lot of laundry , cleaning and cooking. And if a couple has children , the job of a housewife is made much harder . For some time now, there have been debates about whether husbands should pay their housewives salaries for the job they do or not , considering how some of them sacrifice their careers or dreams for their families. Saturday PUNCH asked a cross - section of Nigerians if they think that housewives should be paid salaries by their husbands
    Housewives should be paid salaries – Yinka Adeosun
    It is not a bad thing for husbands to pay their housewives salaries . Placing a wife on salary would enable her to meet some personal needs or basic needs in the house without having to wait for the husband . Since she is not leaving the house very early like other career women ; she will have adequate time to take care of the home .
    I have a friend who asked his wife to stop working because her salary wasn ’ t commensurate with what she was putting into her job at the time . After she stopped working , she had enough time for herself , the children and her husband . And they are doing very fine . On a personal note , I pay my wife monthly , so I think that housewives should be paid salaries .
    Being a housewife is a full- time job – Okikioluwa Adewale
    Being a housewife is a full - time job ; most housewives don ’ t have the time to pay attention to any other thing apart from their family , especially if they have kids . Women need to stay beautiful and maintain themselves for their husbands; therefore , a wife will always need money to take care of her physical needs. Apart from her personal needs , she may also have younger siblings and old parents that she must have to take care of. It is important for a woman to have some money in her personal account as savings ; this is necessary so that the man won ’ t see her as a liability.
    Finally , being a housewife is a full -time job ; her husband can be seen as her boss . The time she spends at home taking care of her children and the man could easily be used in building her career. I believe it is important for housewives to be paid salaries .
    It should be discussed during courtship – Timothy Ope
    When it comes to financial matters like this in marriage , I believe that partners should discuss such things or sort out issues like this before marriage . If it has been discussed and agreed upon during courtship , then it is fine , provided that it doesn ’ t put the husband under financial pressure . However , it should be a flexible agreement . If the man is under too much financial pressure , it may affect him mentally.
    Housewives also need money of their own – Oluwafemi Bello
    I believe it is appropriate for husbands to pay their housewives salaries . There are some little expenses that housewives incur daily and they can ’ t always demand money from the man or ask him for money all the time. For this reason , husbands should pay their wives salaries ; even the salaries are not too much .
    It depends on the situation of things in the home – Jide Yusuf
    Personally , I believe husbands should encourage their wives to stay at home and look after the children instead of working . How much are they even going to pay the woman in the labour market ? The future of any marriage is the children; and taking care of the children is a full - time job on its own . Husbands should therefore pay their wives salaries because they are actually working .
    However , if the marriage is still young and they don ’ t have children yet , the woman is supposed to be working . Also , when the children are grown or in secondary school , then she should not be a housewife anymore because she has her career to build. If she has a very good job , then the man can be spared; but if her salary is not much , then the man should still support her by paying her salary monthly .
    No need for salary if there is love – Adenike Fagbemi
    If a wife is employed as the husband ’ s worker then she is entitled to be paid salary , but if they are bonded by genuine love then I don ’ t think any salary should be paid to her .
    The word – salary – sounds rather too formal for a family setting . A man can give his wife allowance for the housekeeping but salary , no ; I don ’ t think it makes sense . Being a housewife doesn ’ t mean the woman is jobless, it is all about mutual understanding . Some people can say a woman should be paid salary because of the domestic chores she does , but a man can also assist his wife in doing such chores .
    A responsible man knows when to assist his wife – Happiness Obimdi
    In my opinion , this kind of decision should be based on the discretion of the man . A responsible man should know when to assist his wife financially . If there is a logical reason for her to be a housewife , then the man owes her more than just a salary but care , support and a lot of respect too . Any woman that sets aside her personal interest and growth to nurture her home is selfless so she deserves to be cared for .
    Men should see it as compulsory – Nike Akilapa
    Husbands should pay salary to their wives if they are housewives in the form of housekeeping allowance ; this will go a long way in making the woman live a more comfortable life . Financial needs may arise unexpectedly in the home. So , if the husband is not around , the financial vacuum will be filled.
    Women have needs, so it is necessary – Abiola Osikoya
    It ’ s necessary for a man to pay his wife salary if she is a housewife because she has needs . A woman will need to make her hair, buy personal stuff for herself , like underwear and so on .
    She may also have younger ones looking up to her for financial assistance which she has to do . She needs to get paid because domestic chores can be very strenuous .
    Yes , if the husband is financially capable – Elisbeth Tam Ayetan
    In my opinion , if the husband feels he is capable of doing it, definitely he should . However , in a situation where the husband ’ s salary is not enough to feed the family , he shouldn ’ t think of doing such ; this is because he might be broke someday.
    For example , for a man who works as a manager of a mini - mart and receives N35 , 000 as salary ; with the money , he will still have to feed his wife and children and cater for the needs of the family . After doing all these, how much will he be left with ? If you compare this to a man who receives much more , definitely , the man that receives much more will be able to pay his wife salary if she is a housewife.

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