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    Saturday, 17 November 2018

    Woman denied job due to ‘ghetto-sounding’ name

    A Facebook user , Hermeisha Robinson , on her wall shared an email rejecting her for a job vacancy because her name sounded “ghetto . ”
    Robinson , who lives in Missouri , US shared her experience with Mantality Health in Chesterfield in an all- caps post: “ I have a public service announcement, I am very upset because today I received an email about this job that I applied for as a customer service representative at Mantality Health … I know I ’ m well qualified for the position as they seen on my resume !”
    Robinson ’ s post continued: “They discriminated against me because of my name which they considered it to be ‘ ghetto ’ for their company ! My feelings are very hurt and they even got me second guessing my name trying to figure out if my name is really that ‘ ghetto . ’”
    Robinson asked friends to share her post, saying the “ discrimination has to stop, ” but company officials revealed the message wasn ’ t from them, claiming their e - mail system was hacked .

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