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    Tuesday, 8 January 2019

    Kenneth Okonkwo And Daniel Amokachi Campaigning For Buhari

    Nollywood Actor turned Politician, Kenneth Okonkwo was spotted with Ex-Super Eagles Player, Daniel Amokachi in Nasarawa Campaigning for Buhari

    The actor who failed to win governorship ticket in Enugu took to his Instagram page to share a photo with Amokach with caption saying.

    #.A country where money circulates only because politicians steal public funds and share to associates who further share or spend is dysfunctional.
    ☆ A country where importation-based commerce is favoured above industry and entrepreneurship is dysfunctional.
    ☆ A country that has abundant arable lands and essential mineral resources but depend on just one popular mineral (oil) for revenue is dysfunctional.
    ☆ A country where economy-critical projects are abandoned and money embezzled is dysfunctional.
    ☆ A country where leaders flagrantly abuse trust to steal public money and they are celebrated instead of being prosecuted is dysfunctional.

    Any country suffering any of the above dysfunctuionalities needs some HARD DECISIONS by a STRONG-WILLED LEADER to effect radical corrections whereby
    + Circulation of money will be driven by productive activities, and selling and buying of locally made goods and services
    + Importation-based commerce is discouraged in favour of local productive activities.
    + Sustainable diversification of the economy will be kickstarted
    + Corruption will be tackled fiercely.

    Let's support the hard decisions of Buhari to move Nigeria forward.

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