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    Tuesday, 8 January 2019

    Nicki Minaj Says She Has Sex 3-4 Times A Day

    Nicki Minaj Says Her Boyfriend Kenneth Petty Pounds Her Barbie Box 3-4 Times A Day—But Is Meek STILL On Her Mind

    OH, oh oh sis could have kept it to herself …

    Nicki Minaj Says She And Kenneth Petty Have Sex 3-4 Times A Day

    Nicki Minaj recently shared a little TMI on Twitter that sent tongues wagging about her sex life.

    The rapper is known to speak candidly to her Barbz on social media, so when one suggested that Onika was having sex with her toe suckling sweetie Kenneth Petty 6 times a day, she quickly corrected them and said it’s ACTUALLY 3-4.

    All the while Nicki’s been gushing over her sex life with Kenneth, fans are wondering why she’s ONCE AGAIN bringing up her ex Meek Mill

    Thrice a day smithereens smashing is apparently Onika’s love language, she previously told Ellen Degeneres that she likes to “exercise” three times a day.

    She also previously told a fan that she and her Barbie box beater picked out names for their future kids.

    Sounds like they’re getting lots of—–uh, practice.

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